Sports is life

Sports is an important part of our life. And we start to learn a new Unit about sports and leading an active lifestyle. Today I watched a few videos about some kinds of sports.

1. Karate / Kung Fu

I learned about these martial arts several years ago when I started being interested in the Asian Culture. I find this spots interesting and pretty useful. There are a lot of techniques and to do it you should be very concentrated, besides, it can help you in the future, e.g. in your studies.

2 .The Different Swimming Strokes

I watched some videos about various swimming strokes. There are some strokes : the freestyle stroke, breastroke,butterfly stroke, backstroke and sidestroke. Unfortunately, I can’t swim at all. Several years ago I even went to swim in the swimming pool to learn swimming a little bit, but I had a severe allergy to chlorinated water, so I had to stop these activities. Nevertheless I like to watch professional swimmers because their movements are so elegant and beautiful. Also swimmimg is useful for our health.

3. Women’s gymnastics

Oh My God! I’m so excited! I watched the videos about Women’s gymnastics that is one of my favorite kinds of sports. It’s so amazing to look at these girls. I’m even proud of them. They are so talanted. I’m speechless.

New Vocabulary:

  • to swim breaststroke- плавать брассом
  • to swim crawl- плавать кролем
  • to throw a javelin/ a discus- метать копье/ диск
  • long jump- прыжки в длину
  • a 100-meter sprint- забег на 100 метров
  • archery- стрельба из лука
  • pole vaulting- прыжки с шестом
  • uneven bars- разновысокие брусья
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