The letter to myself

Finally I was able to do it.
As always I held on to the last, but it is better late than never.

Dear Olga,

It’s hard to believe, but you’re already a month studying at the university. I know the time passed quickly, but believe me, the first year of study will fly even faster.
During this time, you could a little to improve your knowledge of English (the new songs, the small talk, cool idioms and some new words and phrases), but of course, this is not enough and you still have to work hard and a long time.

Do you have a few problems to be solved :

  1. You still have not learned how to properly allocate your time. But it comes with over time.
  2. Bad pronunciation of sounds [v] and [ð]. Miss B, practice in front of a mirror, and of course Verochka help you to the problems .😂
  3. You have to be more concentrated on assignments because of carelessness you make a lot of stupid mistakes.
  4. You correctly write a plot summary, too much detail at the beginning , then you lose the essence of the film and it turns out at the end of some confusion and a lot of missed important details.
  5. You need to devote more time to study the rules.

The most important thing you need to rest more and sleep, if you not want then fall asleep in lectures and classes!

In general, I want to say that this has been an interesting month.
Especially there are the fascinating classes of Miss B and Tatyana Igorevna. I don’t even get tired and time goes unnoticed in these classes.
Also very interesting multiple classes with the guys from the Faculty of International Relations.

I would like to note that the group relations have improved and we became more united.
Let’s see what will happen next.
P.S. When I wrote it, I had a feeling that I have a split personality .😂

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