The more the merrier

So, today we had a class with junior students. It was a really desired and important meeting for us, I guess. Because we, fresh sophomores are really interested in some useful information about the second academic year. And the juniors told us some facts about the teachers, the subjects, the upcoming exams and so on. Also , as almost all our group is going to take part in Work& Travel, we wanted to learn about this program as much information as possible. And we learned all needed information and got some food for thought. So, if we really are going to the USA we should think about it and start all preparations in advance.

Before we talked to the juniors, we had had some assignments and quizzes to do. So we learned some cool idioms:

  • the more the merrier (it means that additional people will make something better)
  • enough is enough (it is enough, and there should be no more)
  • barking dog seldom bites ( means that someone who makes threats all the time seldom carries out the threats)
  • actions speak louder than words ( =what someone actually does means more than what they say they will do)
  • so far, so good (= at this stage of the process everything is good)

I think we should have such classes with juniors more often because so they can share their wisdom with us.

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