Three weeks of rest & SKAM

Finally exams are over. Fortunately for me, I was freed from all exams with “A”. I am very happy. Because now I have plenty of time to do my favorite thing.

As you know I like to watch various films, TV series and videos on You Tube. I like it, I like it a lot, I love it ❤
Sometimes it seems to me that the life in TV series/ films is more interesting than mine. But now is not about that.
We are challenged to watch as much as possible films and learn something new from them. Films and TV series are my passion!

Today I would like to tell you about this series.

“SKAM”, a Norwegian series about 17 -years- old teenagers who for the first time learn about betrayal, friendship, first love, school parties etc.

I know that there are many such series about teenagers, but this still will attract your attention.
I learned some Norwegian words:

Nai- No

Natta- Good night

Bra- Good

Venn- Friend

Seriøse- Serious

Takk- Thanks

Also I learned a little bit about the education system in Norway, and that the graduates buy buses (decorate them inside and out), and during their prom they ride around town and even arrange a competition “Whose bus is better”.

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