What makes a group of people a team?

“Having the same interest” is a good a one. Take for instance our ProAm Dance Team — a group of people of different ages, backgrounds and dance levels.

One would suggest that each student shares same interest to perform in front of a large crowd, but it’s actually way deeper than that.

For some it is indeed showing off their dance skills, for others it is trying something new, wearing a nice costume or rocking those Swarovski-stoned high heels. Yet I am always fascinated with the students who come to their first “WelcomeWeek” session at the beginning of a season looking like they have never even thought about doing anything active, neither dreamed about wearing something flashy nor would face the fear of doing all of that in public.

And then they practice, start feeling comfortable within a group, learn choreography, try on costumes and shoes, learn to dance inline with others and finally show their true unique self. These students are the best motivation for me and other pros and semi-pros as they make everything we do so much more valuable.

Right before gameday we gather together for final rehearsals where all team members get briefed on working together and helping each other through the entire experience. Everyone realizes the role to play and the necessity to stick together.

These nights are truly beautiful.

So you might say we all share the need to be in spotlight, but we would add that we all have the need to share the spotlight with each other.

Each dance group of ours is a team. Each performance is a “Gameday Experience”.

Here is your chance to relive it with us. :)

About Olga Nesterova

Olga is the founder and owner of ProAm Dance Team, an internationally acknowledged Latin and Ballroom dance performer and instructor. She began her dance career at the age of 6 y.o. in her native country Ukraine where she quickly became National Champion. Upon invitation she moved to Germany in the year 2000 representing the country at the highest level in Latin, Ballroom and 10-Dance winning National Championships, World Championships and the most prestigious international championships such as German Open and Blackpool Dance Festival. She became internationally licensed dance instructor in the year 2005 and since then has won major popularity among her young and adult students in Europe and the United States. Besides holding three University Degrees in Law, Political Science, and Business Management, Olga stays loyal to her passion of ballroom dance and is very encouraged to pass it on to her students.

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