Why ETH rose to over 400$

Not many know that a group of secret ethereum developers created an update to ETH in a form of a new ERC20 Token, called Ethereum Pro (Symbol: EPRO).

This token is not selling through a classic ICO and it has a very low maximum supply of coins (about 11mil EPRO) so It got my attention and now I know it might be the next big thing because I saw ETH react, and you all saw it got pumped over 400$ fast.

This is still in the early stages and you can get a piece of the action, hopefully at a presale price (0.00007). There is no whitelist or any bullshit like that and the developers are not keeping any coins for themselves. That’s perfect and is just what I was looking for in the next coin I buy in the early stages. (Profit almost guaranteed this way)

The developers are placing two pieces of the whole coin supply only on Etherdelta decentralized exchange. The first block consists of a smaller number of EPRO coins (Ethereum Pro) and it is sold at a cheaper price. It’s like a presale super offer they say. I recommend you take a look and only tell others after you got your share.

Make sure you buy in in this stage because is so early and you could make a nice profit.

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