Why I Still Prefer Work Than Choose to Stay At Home

Before I got married and have Rohan, I always tell myself that I will never be just a housewife. I will still work and be financially independent from my husband. But circumstances forced me not to work anymore.

I chose to be with Rohan because he needs me more now that he has started school and that I had no one to look after him while he is at school. Question is, am I still interested to go back to work? My answer is: Absolutely Yes. Other moms who have been housewives for years now would maybe judge me that I am a bad mom who just wants to get away from my responsibility as a mother to my son. Mind you, I have been asking that to myself too. But my conscience will keep on telling me that I am not. In fact, I have reasons why I still think (all the time) of going back to work (though for now I still can’t, but eventually someone will look after Rohan): first, I was raised by my parents that I should still work even if I have kids because when my kids will go to college that’s the time when finances will be so tight; second, I also would like to earn money of my own; and third, I feel like I will loose my identity if I will not be working (some will not understand and I may sound too proud of myself but you are wrong).

Personally, I do not believe that just because a mom prefers to work (if you still can and that you are qualified), she just wants to get away from her responsibility as a mother. Every mom has her own reasons. And I believe that whatever reason it is, her family will always be her priority at the end of the day.


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