How I fought the coming lack of money and the baseness of the situation and continue to fight.

Adaptation centers for help in a difficult life situation will not help for a long time either, because the same category of former criminal people lives in those centers. I have formed two basic concepts such as lack of money and otherworldly abyss. About the otherworldly abyss, beyond the cemetery, the topic has already been completed, all theories have already been confirmed through the science of the future. There’s nothing to be afraid of. It would seem that there is nothing to fear about what will be there. But this does not mean that in this earthly life one does not need to think about the situation, this does not mean that one can forget about the self-preservation of oneself and one’s basic matter. Yes, you can live without money and not be afraid of anything that will be behind the cemetery. Because the lack of money leads to the cemetery, it’s okay, you can no longer be afraid of this. But not only that, why sink into a criminal team, for example. As a result, lack of money will not lead to a cemetery, but will lead to a criminal team and to a low position and there will be a continuation of earthly life. A low position is an unpleasant life and a gray life, dusty and terrible. It dulls the mind, makes it stupid. After all, the very essence of life lies precisely in the improvement and transformation of oneself. Happiness in life is to excel someone in something and to be the smartest. Being in a high life, avoiding tricks, cunning life traps. A high position is freedom.

The most acute topic and problem of lack of money is public relations. The better the relationship with labor and the public, the more money received. The true problem of lack of money arises from poor relations with the public. For order to get money you need to have a good job with the public. There is no such employment as single employment. Any employment is connected with the public, that is, there is no savagery here. That is, in order to receive sums of money, you need to give your talent and your strength, again for someone. Every activity is done for someone. It is when lack of money arises that the most basic is the problem of relations and non-adaptation with the public. In a period of failure or poor adaptation.

So, to avoid lack of money, what I did. I got a job like this with a house to boot. But real estate itself will not bring money, if there is no elementary and perfect adaptation with the public, and the impossibility and inability of correct transactions with people who want to live nearby in the same house. Yes, it helped me a little to avoid lack of money. So, the new way to prevent lack of money is the gangster lifestyle. But this is unprofessional and stupid, because secret plans will not always bring a good adventure and income from adventure, that is, it is in activities outside the public. So, I found a new way to avoid lack of money is to travel to distant places in difficult social situations. Even in such an unbalanced life situation, when no one cares about you because of difficult problems, anyway, sooner or later, large-scale problem situations will go away and everyone will live with normal rhythms. But this method did not help me for so long. Now, at the present time, I just thought about a money reserve box that will secure the sums of money with each subsequent year. But this reasonable method will help, but only for a few years, but not for decades. Now I’m thinking about how to avoid lack of money for full distant decades to live in a constant supply.


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