How to make a Facebook Fundraiser for SIREN client DACA fees!

Click on the three-line symbol

Click Fundraisers

Click Create

Click Nonprofit

Start typing Services, Immigrant and you’ll see the org name pop up! Click it.

Save this photo (or another you want to use instead.)

Then click Edit and then Upload new photo. Choose your photo from your camera roll.

Add your text! My suggestions!

For title:

Government DACA fees for SIREN clients

For text:

DACA recipients eligible for renewal have just three weeks left to apply because of the absurd deadline set by Trump and Jeff Sessions. The government is also forcing people to pay a $495 application fee.
Services & Immigrant Rights & Education Network (SIREN) in San Jose is one of the biggest DACA legal services providers for the South Bay, Central Coast, and Central Valley. SIREN is hosting free walk-in DACA renewal clinics on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10am-5pm at the office until the deadline and also some additional clinics at other locations.
SIREN doesn’t want people to be more at-risk for deportation because of not having an extra $495, so we are fundraising to be able to cover that cost for as many clients as we can. My personal goal is enough to cover the fees for five people. Please contribute if you can! All these funds raised will go toward government DACA fees.

Add a goal amount and end date. These are mine.

Invite all your Facebook friends! Post on your wall! Keep people updated! Easy peasy! I’ve already raised $425 in a few hours.

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