Thank you Olga for following me…I’m new on Medium and I don’t understand everything about…
Massimo Sormonta

It’s my pleasure, Massimo. I had a look at your website, read a few posts, saw your photographs… What to say… I am trying to stay away from the noises of the Internet, but today I am grateful to it for finding you out there. It’s a precious occasion to stumble upon places online where there is thought, heart beat, movement of soul. I feel like it when I am blessed to meet another human being. I will stick around to read and watch your work.

I don’t write in Russian anymore, not purposefully so, and I used Medium for that only. I don’t dare to write in English, I chose photography instead, as my language (hopefully) understood by everybody. And there, on the crossroads of my Russian writings, memories of my childhood (Blake’s poem is wonderful, thank you for the reference), and my current state of stir and searches in photography, kind of starting bringing all that together, I just need to find a proper medium and a concept. But like you said… it’s memories of our childhood. What shaped us into what we are.

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