PHO616 (Professional Practice)

How to work with Medium for Student Blogs.

This is a post on Medium, the platform you will be using for your own blogs. You will use this like a sketchbook, and a log…. you will include all of your information gathering here, as well as any portfolio developments etc.

The main aim of the module is to increase your understanding of the professional worlds out there in photography.

You will be presenting a report on one or more areas. This can be directly related to your own practice, or if you are not sure on your future plans, then this will become an investigative project, that will allow you to develop research and presentation skills.

This blog should include a wide range of material, all of which needs to be reflected upon and annotated…. this could be:

websites with links

Or pictures…

VII Photography - A Photojournalism Agency

You would then discuss VII, and what they do…. etc…

You could then add a video…. for example, this one is about Donald Weber, one of the photographers that are part of VII…

This should be a thorough examination, that leaves you with a good understanding of a particular area of work…. where applicable, you should include references to your own practice, and any work experience that you have done. This is the place for reflection on this too….

Before you publish the post, you need to make sure it is tagged PHO616 so that it is easy to follow all new posts.

I’ll be following all of your blogs, so it is important that you are working on them continually…