Valuable Lesson in Risk-Taking and Love

My parents packed suitcases and moved from a small Eastern European country, that most people don’t even know exists, and moved to Canada. Few things why the move was special:

  • They’d never been to Canada before, or even North America. They had limited travel within Western Europe. So they had very limited knowledge of where they were going. The knowledge was primarily based on books and stories of other immigrants, whose stories, by the way, tended to be either too gloomy or too rosy.
  • They had absolutely no one in Canada. Representatives of the law firm that worked on our case met us at the airport and found an apartment to rent.
  • My dad was 48. Definitely, not an ideal age for an immigrant.
  • Despite being young, my mom had problems with a hip for the most part of her life and couldn’t walk without a walking stick. So not much selection of typical immigrant jobs, which tend to involve some physical work when you are starting out after a certain age.
  • We moved with 6 suitcases. We still had apartment in the country we came from, but it was of little use and provided no sense of comfort.

As I became an adult myself, I couldn’t stop wondering — “would I do that if I were to do it now?”

And I am not even close to 48 yet. I’ve got great education, work experience, fair share of travel, savings and, importantly, I speak English freely. Ever since we emigrated, I’ve lived in countries, Canada, UK and US, that are generally good places to live at and rarely do people want to escape from. So my “own” immigration is very different from what my parents had to go through. It’s safe. Secure. Predictable.

So, if I were to be in my parents shoes — would I?

My parents did it for love — they did it for me. No difficulties, no humiliation, no anxieties weakened their determination.

I want to think, yes — yes, I would. I would find that courage to take such high risks. I would do it for love.

Dedicated to all Parents and all Immigrants.

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