How we gamified Airbnb!

Hosting on Airbnb has always been an enjoyable and fulfilling experience! Having hosted many guests from around the world we decided to enhance each guest experience by introducing a bit of fun with our own unique homely House Challenge — Air Play N’ Pop — Airpnp!

What is Airpnp? The perfect icebreaker, packed with excitement, and FUN! Anyone can do it, and has done it, from the age of 8 years old to 60+ years young. Many of our guests have taken the idea back home with them to play at tennis clubs, on camping holidays, and also on long car journeys etc.

Inspiration of Air Play N’ Pop — While thinking of a game that everyone could play and what each guest generally does when planning a visit to an Airbnb hosts home, we realized that the majority of guest generally pack! Equally the majority would have used bubble wrap at some stage in their lives, with probably most if not all not being able to resist the temptation of popping one or two of the little packing air bubbles! Hence the Airpnp challenge was born. Our challenge then was how to make it consistently fair for each guest.

Implementation of Airpnp so you can play too — Using a standard roll of bubble wrap cut the bubble wrap into sheets using a universal A4 envelope size, (so that each sheet is equal) as a template. One guest from each booking is nominated as the team player or an average of guests times is declared before the clock starts, i.e. if you have a couple or a family staying they can all do it and an average is taken or only one guest can play who’s time will count.

There are very few simple rules:

  • You can take as much time as they like to inspect the bubble wrap and come up with a strategy i.e. either scrunching, folding, twisting, rolling etc. No hints allowed. BUT
  • The clock starts at the very first pop.
  • You can ONLY use your hands.
  • You can not tear the bubble wrap.
  • You can not use your feet, as carpets and concrete give different results.
  • You can not bang the bubble wrap on a hard surface, particularly a glass table!
  • Shout STOP The Clock when you think you have finished and pass it to the adjudicator who will check for remaining air bubbles.
  • The adjudicator should without giving too much away as to the locations of the remaining air bubbles, and there will be some if not many, lay the bubble wrap on a flat surface to feel and count them, then let the guest know roughly how many air bubbles there are left to pop. More often than not we have found there to be more than 50 left at this stage.
  • The clock continues again at the next pop
  • The clock maybe stopped and continued again and again or up to three times or until the adjudicator is satisfied that each air bubble has been popped and then the total final time is recorded.

But remember each nominated guest only gets one chance per stay which counts towards the leaderboard, guests can and do also challenge each other and they can always book and come back again to have a better time!!

Times do vary considerably; the fastest individual time (before being averaged with the other guest in the party) so far was 2 minutes 13 seconds and 35 milliseconds’ and the slowest was 17 minutes 32 seconds and 27 milliseconds. You can click one of the listings below to see the current top ten times on the leaderboard.

Guest Comments:

Jemima: “…. The play ’n’ pop game was great fun and everyone gets involved!….”
Yvonne: “…. Playing the bubblewrap game is so much fun….”
Chris: “….Read Alex’s listing to learn about the ‘House Challenge’. I got a score of approx. 13 minutes. I’ll do better next time….”
Sam: “… I’ll keep track of the bubble game scores…..”
Robin: “….Alex was more than gracious opening up her home and inviting us to socialise with other members of the household and to take on the house challenge….”
Jennifer: “….Had a real laugh playing the bubble wrap game and got to know Alex and family a little better…..”
Rosey: “….Intriguing bubble wrap game to relax the mind….”

So while you’re close to London Heathrow Airport or in the Thames Valley area looking for an Airbnb place to stay, why not pop over to one of our listings and give Airpnp a play as we are sure it will wrap-up a fantastic stay in our family home!

Alex, Oliver and Christian