My Quora answer to: What are the best practices for reducing shopping cart abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems that online shops have. To reduce shopping cart abandonments we have to look at why people abandon their carts just before completing the purchase.

Had To Create An Account

The second biggest reason (23%) for people abandoning their shopping cart is that they have to create a user account to add something to their cart or even complete the checkout.

Mobile vs Desktop Abandonments

The abandonment rate for mobile shopping carts is 97%, compared to 70–75% for desktop carts.

These are probably the biggest reasons for carts to be abandoned and with the growing use of mobile browsing it is something that is not going away easily. What can we do help resolve this solution? Such as make it possible for the users to have the benefits of syncing their carts to all their devices when logged-in to the shop, without having to login to each shop to allow them to checkout where they want.

Luckily their is a new solution to help with this problem:

CARTBEAT, — a plugin that enables your customers to sync their shopping carts between all their devices, helping you decrease your cart abandonments.

How does it work you may ask?

Users are able to pair their devices Anonymously or via Facebook login within minutes. When they visit one of CARTBEAT’s partner sites their cart will automatically populate if a shopping cart was created on another devices or if a new cart is created, CARTBEAT syncs that cart with their other devices, allowing them to checkout on any device they choose without them having to login to each shop.

How do shops partner with CARTBEAT?

Shop owners can submit their site on or email, once CARTBEAT has verified your shop you will then receive installation instructions, which are similar to adding a Facebook like button to your website. As soon as the installation is complete and your site is connected to the CARTBEAT network, syncing will automatically start working for everyone who has paired their devices with CARTBEAT.