The Pelican Brief

The sneeze that starts the avalanche.

It was just a little thing. A personal opinion. She had even begun to think the argument held no water and was about to destroy what she wrote. Then she showed someone else. Who showed someone else. Then heads started to roll.

It started with a post. It wasn’t exactly “Windows sucks” but it was close. A little change here, a little there. Against the armies of hackers content with editing configuration scripts by hand and via horrible UIs. Until the war was won.

A nerd looked at the world through a computer. Was there any difference between the world online and off? Would people put online everything they do offline? Would they feel that strongly about privacy? He thought not. He bet big. Now, over one billion people actively feel the same.

A brilliant idea came at the wrong time. There was a lull in innovation. A war was raging against technology’s application. He had to use porn to beta-test it. Some never saw any good in it, others eventually got an internet of options, not rules.

Does one even need a face? For a year or so, his creation remained the province of a tiny group of early adopters. Offered one way his creation could be popular, he decided the project needed to grow gradually. From obscure paper to legal tender, he proved a face was not necessary.

Got something kicking around in your brain? Every one knows sneezes don’t start avalanches. Really? Try it first.

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