Me Before

It all began with a decision to be proficient enough to build apps this year. I never knew how because last year, I messed up in trying to achieve learning Java as my very first programming language. Flash back early this year I began visiting websites, to learn from peoples codes.

The Moment of Truth

Getting into ALC program was amazing. I was so reluctant at applying because I felt it was one of those forms for data mining without tangible feedback, but two questions stroked me the most (paraphrased though):

  • “Are you ready to dedicate 10+ hours to coding pre day?” (Daunting but felt Dauntless)
  • “Do you have a laptop or an Android phone or both?” (thoughtful enough)
  • “Which state do you live?” (almost filed Lagos State but decided to honestly choose Delta State)

Next I got a mail to take the test which turned out fine. My doubt began to fade when I got a prompt reply after my complaint and all skepticism ended when I was caught up in the opening party after joining the Slack Channel. It was mad fun!

A Whole New World

As Kunal and Kathrine taught, I checked it out and tweaked elements in the “View Groups” and “Views”. The more I practiced the more I developed the “god feeling”. Becoming an ALC channel addict was inevitable because, the participants kept me on my toes, improvements were made by teammates daily and trust me the passion was there.

It Just Gets Better

Hope sufficed when I met my team mates in Warri, we had a pre meet up before the first official meet up in order to share materials the first course material was huge, 11gig! Shout out to all SS8 team mates you guys are the best! The group chat sets fire in my bones they were hell yeah supportive! Below are apps I have built so far.

That feeling of been able to drive your learning was quite evident throughout the program, it got even better with the guidance of the facilitators. Like Steve Jobs would say “the Journey is the reward”. My journey as a beginner was remarkable. Thank you Andela, Google, and Udacity. I`m indeed grateful.