Diosd exam preparations

It is a walnut. I stay in the walnut. Well not exactly, but in this picturesque village close to Budapest, while I prepare for my PhD comprehensive exam and carry my eight month old baby in my tummy. It is the time of wanting to do everything else but prepare for an exam. That is why I read the manuscript of a friend of mine who has the same task pretty soon.

A pregnant women doing her PhD. I was looking for such books and I think I came across to one. I did not read it since on the outset it seemed rather discouraging. Will I be able to write an encouraging one? Let’s see. After I officially become a PhD candidate when I defend my prospectus, I might try. And than imagine having a PhD dissertation defense and a book promotion at the same time? That would be lovely.

But really, just from the very beginning you need SUPPORT. I have it from my loved one, my husband F. I have it a lot, given that I carry his baby :) So my naive first impression is, yes, do PhD and have children, only with good emotional and physical support. And let’s see where is this going.


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