Hong Kong 2016 LegCo Election: New Territories West

For people in Hong Kong who are residents of the New Territories West area and who are already registered to vote, please research each candidate well beforehand and make an informed decision when you vote this coming Sunday September 4th


All information is readily available via the elections.gov.hk website and is deemed to be factually correct at the time of writing this article.

As a British born non-permanent resident of HK I do not have the right to vote, so I am spreading as much information as I can so that people who are eligible to vote can have their say in Hong Kong’s future.

Remember, this is your vote. Nobody can force or influence your decision. You must make your choice based on your own judgement of what you believe to be right or wrong.

As a registered voter you are entitled to cast two votes, one for your geographical constituency and another for your functional constituency (District Council). The list of candidates for the District Council a.k.a ‘Superseats’ can be found here http://www.elections.gov.hk/legco2016/eng/introd_fc_ds.html?1472790988854

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