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May 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Olition (pronounced ōˈlishun) is less about death and more about remembering the lives of those closest to us. We want to reimagine the death experience and make it less terrible by celebrating the lives of everyday people in a beautiful and elegant way.

It began with a question

“When someone dies, how do you tell their story?”

The next and perhaps more important question came soon after:

“How do you ensure their story is passed on for future generations?”

The answers to these questions always went back to an obituary or a funeral home—both of which have done a poor job of displaying and archiving the deeply meaningful lives of people. Try it. Go to your local newspaper or funeral and take a look at the obituaries and you will find small thumbnail photos, advertisements, impersonally written bios, and little confidence that this was something that you would want to share with your closest family and friends. We set out to change that.

Beautiful. Reverent. Timeless.

We wanted to create a platform for people to tell the stories of their deceased in a way that was beautiful, reverent, and stood the test of time. It was also important to us that thought decades ahead at what these stories would look like in the future, a sort of “time capsule” for all of our stories. We didn’t want monthly fees, advertisements, or any digital clutter—just their story and any photos or videos that would help accentuate their story. We set out to design a user interface that would not only support these goals but also one that we knew could change over the years without any assistance from the memorial owners.

The time is now.

With newspapers closing all around the country and funeral homes struggling to maintain their websites, it was clear that there was a void to fill. Currently only very popular people get featured in the New York Times or Wikipedia. There is no central place for everyday people to receive a beautiful online memorials. We hope Olition will be that place and we take this mission very seriously. Everything we do goes back to our fundamental essence: Our stories, remembered forever.

Made in Portland, Oregon

Initially an internal project by boutique design agency, Gambit headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Olition is now a stand-alone company thriving off the hard work of a small team of passionate designers and developers: Jon Irvine, Joel Brady, and Aanjulena Sweet.

For more info, please reach out: info@olition.com


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Create beautiful online memorials for your loved ones and keep their memory alive for years to come. www.olition.com

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