Sant Cugat Comerç pioneers Oliva Card in Europe, bringing latest innovation to its merchants and contributing to Sant Cugat’s strategic goal of building a Smart City.

Oliva Card partners with Sant Cugat Comerç

BARCELONA, Spain, March 3rd, 2015 — Logim Solutions, the creator of Oliva Card, announces the partnership with Sant Cugat Comerç, the merchant association for Sant Cugat City. By bringing Oliva Card to the residents and merchants in the area, Sant Cugat Comerç is the first merchant association in Europe to equip its merchants with this innovation, pushing Sant Cugat City a step forward as a model for Smart Cities.

In the coming months, residents…

A solution helping small merchants compete with big retailers, such as Amazon and Carrefour, is now sponsored by the European Commission.

Oliva Card sponsored by the EU

BARCELONA, Spain, Feburary 1st, 2015Oliva Card announced today the latest funding led by the European Commission. The funding will be used to roll out the company’s flagship product Oliva Card, a solution tailored for small merchants to help them compete with big retailers, such as chain stores and e-commerce sites. Oliva Card will be first deployed for merchants in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, debuting at Sant Cugat, then expanded to other European cities.

In addition to the…

Oliva Card

The loyalty solution for small merchants

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