Joni Was Right: Passion and a journey

True passion is near inexplicable. It’s a raging, ongoing fire that burns within you. It acts as a multiplier: it makes the highs feel almost unbearably satisfying and it makes the lows so violently crushing. Whenever you’re passionate about something, you see it everywhere, you feel it all the time; it becomes you and you become it.

This passion guides you to places others cannot follow. It gives you unnerving attention to detail. It grants you unending stamina. It provides you with happiness and fulfillment and joy and despair. Perhaps most importantly, it gives you the ability to share this intensely burning fire with others. It transcends language. You get to make others feel and they might take it willingly or it might take them by force, but they have no choice: they must feel something when you share your passion with them.

That’s how I can better describe Marit Larsen’s music, and Joni Was Right took me by force.

As a preamble, my life — my journey — has been accompanied by Marit’s music since Don’t Say You Love Me. Her songs have, without a doubt, been a raging fire in my heart. Not only that but it’s been growing with me every day. It’s obvious that the cool, harmonious voice found in M2M is no longer with us. She’s transformed into a hurricane of sweetness ever since she found her true voice in Under the Surface. Since then, every album has felt like a tempest of emotions; a bombardment of pain and happiness.

My first impression of Joni Was Right was... five songs? At the moment, I didn’t understand. I refreshed iTunes and those same songs stared back at me. I was in disbelief.

Running Out of Road slowly erased the disappointment. I realized even one song would be good enough for me. And, let’s be honest, I both smiled and melted when I heard the musical interlude at 0:48. It’s so fun to listen to Marit because of these small, unexpected surprises.

Morgan, I might took me back to Under The Surface. The sound is different but the feeling of heartache and loss is there. It’s such a solid song that shares so much with you. It’s a great follow up to Running Out of Road.

And then we have No. No, no, no, no, no. God, I love this song. I’m not sure if I could pick a favorite song from the EP, but if I could I think it would be this. It’s such a… I mean, you could say it’s uplifting, but there’s still some sadness to it. I love it.

Hidden Heart is quirky. I don’t know how I feel about this song. I sincerely need to listen to it more before I can say something about it, and I’m okay with that. There’s so many small details that can only speak to you when you listen to a song at the right time.

And we close with A Stranger Song. I think this is the perfect closing song for this album. The piano absolutely kills me. I can see the video of this just being Marit playing the piano and singing. It’s a very sweet song.

And then silence, an unbearable lull, a stillness of the heart. It’s over and so quickly. There’s so many feelings still in my heart that I don’t know what to write.

You know, sometimes I do think I’m crazy. Why is it that I can feel these things when I hear Marit and not when I hear other songs. Other songs don’t break my heart, don’t drive me to tears. They don’t make me smile, or laugh. Perhaps I am crazy, but you know what? There’s nothing that could stop me from listening to more songs from her. It’s just the soundtrack of my life.

And for that, I’m forever in debt with her.