Last week my journal(4)


Time goes so fast all the way ,After I decided to write my week blog in english at ,it has been a month.But in the month,Do I have big progress at my study at front-end web dev ? maybe the answer is No. Now I really should consider if I should have a professinonal train class than just learn by is not very easy ,I used to think I have good self-control capacity.I do have .But it doesn’t enough strong than I have imagined .However, I like the feedback process, It made me know what I have and what I don’t have.If I have learned something important at university from my major class (automation), I think the first is can be very useful not only at engineering,It is about thinking.luckily ,I learned it from my major.


I learned react at a hard way ,but hard way is not a good way.when I just watched videos about react at ,actually I don’t have make sense of It .But when I typing code one by one ,something really have typed in my brain ,That is good.another example ,When I din’t start the week blog,I used to think my english vocabulary is enough ,I can read english books smoothly .But when I start to write the blog ,I find out my thinking is too easy .Reading and writing are two different things in English.Sometimes,When I prepared to use a vocabulary I can not recall what It spelled,actually the situation is very common for me ,So for wrtiing the blog ,I should look up some vocabulary . many thins is similar,only when we do it ,we can find how it is hard or easy. So just typing of doing.


You know ,my sister have married and have a baby .After nearly two month,I found she is more and more like other married women.Too many word ,always like to talk about other people even she or he is never about you.I don’t like it ,But I need to accept it.

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