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Olive Gives founders, Marisa Paramita & Mark Swaringen with Yandita Affan Almada

By Gia Adhika

Can you imagine going back to university and thinking about what you have done during that time? Probably most of us will say group study with friends, reading books at the library or the most popular activity, playing around and having fun. One university student in Yogyakarta is choosing a unique route. He is building an engine that will have a huge impact globally. Yandita Affan Almada has developed a furnace heater machine that could create biofuel and biogas from plastic waste.

Yandita is a Gajah Mada University student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He started building the engine when he was in senior high school. With the help of his best friend, Refandy Dwi Darmawan he managed to crack the technology that could turn plastic into fuel through a pyrolysis process. Plastic without oxygen is heated in a 450 to 550 degree celsius temperature through distillation technique. …

Gia Adhika

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Melati & Isabel Wijesen haven’t even hit 20 in their respective ages. But, they have made a movement that impacted the whole island of Bali and drawing Global attention. Inspired by a school lesson about influential leaders, Melati and Isabel went home with an idea to create a movement that could bring impact towards their surrounding society.

The idea came when they went online and discovered the fact that over 40 countries have banned or taxed plastic bags. They realized that their beloved island of Bali actually hasn’t implemented such regulations. Melati & Isabel started small and they actually started from their own surroundings, which is the beach in front of their home. …

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We need to be a better species to create a sustainable world. Imagine in the next 20 years, if we don’t try harder to live in better harmony with other human beings, the type of world we will leave to our children.

Here are 5 small steps that can help to increase the quality of our lives:


Olive Gives

We help you round up and donate your spare change so you can make an impact seamlessly

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