Facts About PetSmart

Within and since its late ’14 buyout:

  1. Two manager positions (“Presentations Manager” and “Pet Products Manager”) were merged into one: “Merchandising and Inventory Leader”, shifting the responsibilities of two positions into one
  2. The “Support Manager” position was reduced to a non-managerial position only in terms of compensation; role responsibilities remained the same
  3. Managers were previously given 45 hours a week; 5 hours of overtime to ensure a livable wage. When the 5 hours were taken away, PetSmart assured managers that they’d be grandfathered in and would keep their 5 hours of overtime. Eventually PetSmart went back on that, and did away with any guaranteed overtime
  4. A marketplace of compensation for 5+ years employees was removed

These are only indisputable facts about the decisions PetSmart has recently made. Read into them what you will. There’s more that can be said about what’s going on internally within the company, but the goal with this post is to post only facts.