AngularJS developmentHow AngularJS development Helps to Build High-Performing Applications

Oliver Brown
3 min readMar 16, 2020

Single-page applications are increasingly becoming the norm in the tech community. Instead of re-rendering requests from the server, the web page behaves like a desktop application. This is made possible because of AngularJS development, a popular JS framework, for building high performing single-page applications.

AngularJS app development is affordable, neat, and requires fewer resources. It is an open-source framework that provides a rich-feature base to build robust applications. Some of the applications that have incorporated AngularJS in their website include Paypal, Netflix, YouTube, among several others.

Enterprises that want to deliver a better user experience prefer AngularJS development. It combines different designs, patterns, and components to build high-quality single-page applications. In this article, we outline how the JavaScript framework for web development helps to build high performing applications for your business.

AngularJS App Development Features Helping to Build Powerful Applications

While static websites still persist, AngularJS is an excellent framework to build dynamic single-page applications and responsive websites. Since HTML is used as the template language, the development becomes simpler and provides faster load time for web applications. Some essential features of AngularJS development services include -

Two-way Data Binding
AngularJS has widely known for its two-way data binding features. How is it important for your business? In simple words, when changes to the UI are made, the developer need not manually update the view.

With AngularJS mobile app development, the development efforts are reduced as the changes in UI are automatically reflected in the data model. The framework watches for any changes and makes them according to the changes in the UI.

Enterprise-Level Security
The framework utilizes the highest standards of security and data protection. It uses web services of RESTFUL API as an HTTPs interface to interact with the server and display the data. The application is completely secured from malware and malicious threats.

Enterprises have confidential data which cannot be risked in any condition. AngularJS development services provide complete protection to data from cyber attacks.

Powerful User Experience
AngularJS is popular for providing appealing visuals and a rich user interface. The inbuilt libraries and modules in AngularJS mobile app development provide extensive support for creating a stunning user experience.

The framework is developed by engineers at Google, who make sure that there are functionalities which make the client’s user experience much better. The entire web development community trusts the framework because of its credibility from Google.

Feature-rich single-page Applications
Known for its single-page application development, AngularJS enables loading the entire website in a single-page. This saves the response time from the server and results in faster load speed for the web application.

In business terms, when you hire AngularJS developers for building a single-page application, they will ensure that the page does not reload when you click a link within the page. Streaming service like Netflix is a prime example of a single-page application built using AngularJS.

Fewer Lines of Code
AngularJS app development is widely known for utilizing fewer lines of code but providing powerful functionalities. The main structure of the design is HTML, which enables building web applications in a less amount of time.

The huge AngularJS development services community provides rigorous support and continuously updates the framework to make development easier. The libraries and modules available in the framework lead to writing less code and reduces the development time.

Get Started with AngularJS Mobile App Development Today!

If you want to improve the user experience, single-page applications are the way to go. These applications keep the user at the website for long without having to refresh the page. It adds massively to their interactiveness with the web application. Reach out to learn more about the web development NYC experts for the various ways to improve or build the quality of projects and across your company.

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