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The Things 3 icon from back in 2013

Way back in 2008, a little team in Germany called Cultured Code released “Things” on the App Store, a todo app based around the GTD philosophy. At the time, it was one of two beasts in the space, fighting with Omnifocus to be the favored GTD client for todo list afficienados. Back then, if you wanted a beautiful app with a nice array of features, you chose “Things,” but if you were looking for something very powerful, aleit confusing and ugly, you choose Omnifocus. Things even won an Apple Design awards.

I was a user of “Things” for many years, until the release of iOS 7. Being notoriously slow at releasing updates, having taken years between announcing cloud sync and releasing it, Cultured Code announced a new version of “Things” designed with iOS 7 in mind. Fast forward to December of 2013 and there had been little news from Cultured Code about the updated design. When they finally released a post about their thinking, they announced they were going all in on Things 3. Almost a year later in 2014 they announced that Things 3 was taking longer than usual and to tide users over they released Things 2.5, an update to the app that had been around for years, but with a more iOS 7 friendly design. All the while Cultured Code pushed on social media and their own website that people should be excited for Things 3, coming soon. …

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Agent-X Comics

Here’s a fact: cloud storage is broken and confusing. Most people I know (professors, students, coworkers, business owners, relators, educators, family) do not use a cloud storage service. …


Oliver Ames

I am a student currently living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, studying middle school science education at Boston University. I’m into technology and design.

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