Oh! What Fun It Is

Okay. I rarely write reviews, but UpOut Insider is too awesome to not tell the world about it (okay, maybe just my friends, and you).

Since I joined in January 2015, I have been to fashion shows, comedy shows, celebrity fundraisers, high profile concerts, and cruise parties! I normally would not have access to these events, but I think I can be called an NYC socialite now, thanks to UpOut Insider. And all for just $20 a month? You have to be stingy to yourself to not consider this ‘affordable and fun’.

To top it all up, I won free tickets to ALL THREE DAYS at the 2015 Governor’s Ball. How can it ever get cooler than that?

So, my morning duties now consist of: Checking UpOut Insider, taking a shower, making breakfast, checking e-mails, texting my mom, and checking UpOut Insider again.

All my friends that accepted my invite to UpOut Insider have continued to thank me. I feel like I’m the coolest kid on the block, hooking people up to cool stuff, and all. Anyways, as long as all these fun events remain available, and new ones keep popping up on UpOut Insider, I won’t stop talking about it. Ask my roommates, friends and co-workers. And now that you know how cool this is, what are you waiting for? Join the fun. Refer your friends and get free months too!

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