E-Commerce Effectiveness

Personalization is the one key to being persuasive. Being persuasive helps engage existing clients and make new ones. An engaged customer will often return to a website to leave a review or to repeat shop.

Classically there are four main components of an alluring e-commerce systems:

  1. social and influence
  2. credibility and system design
  3. task and objective/goal completion
  4. communication and feedback

A main measure of effectiveness is consumer perception of the technology in meeting their goal relative to all other methods available. In e-commerce this is fundamentally a measure of the buying process. Helping a customer meet a goal, and making them aware that you’ve helped using the four principles listed above is important for training repeat shopping behavior and encouraging referrals.

Most e-commerce platforms are designed to be persuasive. What the best sites are leading with is targeting their persuasion strategies based on consumers’ participation such as reviewing products and services, allowing interaction between customers in the form of integrated internal social networks, and ensuring the task process meets performance and other effectiveness guarantees.

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