3 steps to forming a new habit

Habits form the basis of all our decisions that we make on a minutely basis.

BUT… 95% of all of our decisions and the actions that follow are governed by our subconscious mind, so in fact we are only consciously aware of 5% of our decision making.

Now, how do we change these habits and form new ones to revolutionise our subconscious decision making?

Remember the progression:


So, to install a new habit to the point that it no longer requires motivation to carry it out and is AUTOMATIC, we must first change our beliefs and then the following three steps.

But firstly if you haven’t already seen it look at this post I wrote earlier on how to change your beliefs…

When creating a routine it is essential to follow the following steps:

  1. Schedule
  2. Get leverage
  3. Take ACTION


1- Scheduling

For many people the very word can cause a nervous twitch, but have faith and carry on reading, for…

The fact is, is that if you are constantly saying you need to spend more time at home or more time with your children or more time working on yourself, but you don’t have it on your schedule, IT WON’T HAPPEN.

When we come to starting a new habit, we have to schedule it in religiously or it just won’t happen.

If you want to start running each morning, or meditating or walking, buy a schedule, make one, or simply print one out. Then be REALISTIC… too many people bite off ridiculous chunks that are just unrealistic and will leave you less motivated, more tired and less fulfilled. Start off with a clear plan of what you have to do, if you work from 9–5 block out those hours and adequate time for what YOU want to do. This is your schedule and you take priority. Now with your non-negotiable areas filled up, you can start to look at where you want to start your new habit. MORNINGS ARE BEST.

Your days are your life in miniature -Robin Sharma

You have to start each day as you wish to end it and you have to chunk it up into small pieces and build from there. If you want to run, schedule 50 minutes each morning to run and include any other time which comes under “Running”, it all has to be on that paper. I like to set my alarm to a song which I use on days when I run to enforce the habit, but creating a routine is essential. Get everything you need ready the night before and then when it comes to doing it, find your leverage, which leads to my next point..

2- Leverage

When it comes to carrying out what we schedule we need to find the leverage, or motivation, and the easiest way to do this is to tell someone. That’s why all the greatest players had coaches…


So, tell someone close to you and give them free reign to come down on you like a tonne of bricks if you don’t take the action you scheduled in… Trust me, if you have a true friend they will be more than happy to abide!

If you have no one to do this, get a coach…

If you don’t invest in yourself, no one will ever invest in you

If you think they are too expensive, or not worth it then you will never break through to the next level. So put yourself out there, find someone, talk to them and get a coach.

3- Action

You’re there. You’ve scheduled your habit it, you’ve found your leverage, now all that’s left is to do the damn thing and do it well for 30 days.

Science has proven that if you repeat something for a month you will get to a point where it becomes a HABIT so that it no longer requires leverage and is merely automatic. So stick in there and persist… the single most important quality that cuts between those who get what they want and those who don’t is GRIT. Now buckle up and get some for yourself.

Remember, baby steps, chunk it up, build on your progress and celebrate!

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Originally published at liveoutstanding.wordpress.com on June 25, 2016.

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