How To Get A Certificate Of Conformity For A Light-Duty Vehicle?

A certificate of conformity or CoC is a document issued by EPA to vehicle makers that certify that a vehicle’s class conforms with EPA requirements. The car makers need to get a CoC for their cars, imported cars as well as heavy and light duty vehicles. So, you need a COC for a Porsche car as well as for a motor vehicle. Even when you are thinking of importing a vehicle or your person car in Europe, there are a few formalities you would need to take care of. Surely, you will need a certificate of conformity for car registration in the country of your residence.

In order to register your vehicle, you will need a certificate or used or new car. Only car makers are allowed to deliver European certificate of conformity. The certificate provides all technical details of your vehicle if you meet all safety and environmental standards. However, there are some conditions attached with it. If you own a car that has some valid certificate then you wouldn’t need any extra technical document by authorities. But you will need one unless you are modifying your vehicle once it leaves the facility. Some vehicles do not have any European approval numbers type or any legitimate coc. In that case, you will need some kind of national identification certificate. The best is to go for European COC as it will be valid across complete continent. When you register a vehicle that has already been registered by the owners in some other nation, then you would need to present the COC in another registration organization for new registration. As the COC has all essential and required information about the vehicle, the registration procedure gets more efficient and quick with it.

Whenever you register a car, you need show evidence that your car has an insurance. The insurance company needs to be from some European nation but it must cover for a specific period. The document that they will need in this pretext includes proof of vehicle ownership, tax clearance, proof of residence, proof of identity, and technical control. It is possible to have VAT exemption on your vehicle for more than half an year exceeding 6000km. You can always get in touch with COCS which is a European certification body for vehicle and offered to professionals and individuals needing European compliance certificates for vehicles registration across Europe.

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