We are all familiar with the scene from Up, a few balloons, a little helium and the small, idyllic, house is freed from its conventional constraints and floats off into the sky…

Could this scene be recreated without the somewhat questionable Pixar physics? And, how many balloons would you actually need to set your own house free? The first thing we should determine is the relationship between the mass of the house and the lifting power of the balloons.

Supercomputer — computer with very high-level computational capacities compared to a general-purpose computer such as a personal desktop or laptop.

This is obviously a constantly shifting field — today’s portable PC would have been a supercomputer just several decades back — yet regardless of how quick today’s broadly useful PCs are, there will always be a need for considerably more powerful machines.

You may recall my last article where I showed the first week of my 365 days of photographs. 1 month in and 30 photos later I wanted to share some of the best photographs so far.

Follow my Flickr to see all of my #365 photos.

#6 — Cozy

Digitalisation has changed the behaviours of buyers, venders, wholesalers and retailers may profit from this. They must keep up with supply chains that are currently experiencing a tremendous and quick change. For the customer, the shopping experience is set to become much more seamless and easy. However, this tests the suppliers more and more.

Digitalisation is the integration of digital technologies into everyday life.

Digitalisation has changed our lives from the way we work to the way we live. At work, it has improved our mobility, enhanced the tools we use to be more productive and effective; leaving us with…

What is Diabetes?

Definition — Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition characterised by high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood.

Diabetes affects how the body controls and uses glucose, and people with diabetes have chronic high blood glucose levels (hyperglycaemia).

Diabetes is Caused by:

The inability to produce insulin, or by the body not being able to use insulin effectively.

Diabetes can lead to dangerous difficulties. People with diabetes have a greater risk of microvascular issues.

A recent World Health Organisation (WHO) report determined there were 171 million people in the world with diabetes in the year 2000 and this is forecasted to increase to 366…

In 2012, 17-year old Briella Brown began a business in Australia called Your Closet, where women could hire designer dresses for special occasions. Her business rationale was basic:

why purchase another costly dress for each event when you can loan one for a fraction of the cost?

For example, you can lease a Selfridges dress for around £50 for four days rather than spend a whopping £500 for one at retail price. Keen, however, this thought is not really novel. …

Last Saturday, while importing some recent photos from my camera I had an epiphany:

I am the only person who will ever see these photographs

This was quite an upsetting realisation, all the time I put into taking and editing these shots was futile. My next thought was to simply upload a few hundred of my best to Flickr and leave it at that, but this seemed pointless as most would ignore a mixed collection of photos entitled DSC_0027.JPG etc. …

How much energy does fidgeting burn, and is this energy enough to lose weight? While I was researching this topic I came across this experimental data which had all of the information I needed to answer this question. To interpret these results we will need to do a few simple calculations, which you will be able to follow below. And for the purpose of comparison, I will express the results in the time taken to burn the energy of 1 McDonalds’ cheeseburger which is 290kcals.

The point of asking this question really boils down to asking what effect can a single person have on an enormous body such as the sea. In theory, the maths behind this question are fairly simple, relying on 2 key aspects: the volume of our human, and the surface area of the “sea”. We can, therefore, deduce that the equation for the rise in height as:

Rise in Sea Level = Volume of Human / Surface Area of the Sea

Let’s start with the volume of a human, we are roughly as dense as water so mass ≈ volume, however…

In our modern and complicated lives, we regularly face “problems” that either inconvenience us or create difficult dilemmas. But what really constitutes a problem? And how should we deal with them?

A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome

This suggests to us, in simple, that problems are bad circumstances that require some kind of resolution to achieve a preferred outcome. We can, therefore, break a problem down into 3 key stages: difficulty, solution and consequence. …

Oliver Atwal

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