The 10 best photographs so far

Oliver Atwal
Mar 27, 2017 · 4 min read

You may recall my last article where I showed the first week of my 365 days of photographs. 1 month in and 30 photos later I wanted to share some of the best photographs so far.

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#6 — Cozy

By far the most popular photo that I have ever posted online, I originally discussed this photograph in my last photography article. I took this photograph not in the wild but at a zoo, where I managed to capture the sleeping wolf from the perfect angle.

#1 — Turkey Steps

This crisp photograph of a somewhat ugly turkey also featured in my last article, this lucky shot was taken the same day as the previous photo.

#28 — Pollinating

Taken a few springs ago this photograph features a bee pollinating a flower, I spent a while chasing this little guy around the garden before I managed to take a good sharp photograph of him.

#13 — Prancing Lion

This photograph was taken at a Silverstone track day, it features a matte yellow Ferrari 458 exiting the pitlane onto the track. This car looked and sounded spectacular and I was lucky enough to have drive past slowly enough for me to take this shot.

#4 — Pitlane

Another pitlane shot, another Ferrari, this white 360 was fitted with a hydraulic lift system allowing it to be lifted up quickly and easy by the small metal balances seen underneath the car.

#16 — Oink Oink

I took this photograph of this wild boar during a forest walk, this angry looking animal was difficult to approach at first, however with a little time and a few crumbs he was extremely happy to be photographed.

#15 — Shattered

This pot was shattered into this fantastic pattern by freeze-thaw erosion, a few sharp frost was all it took for this terracotta pot to fragment into neat a regular shards.

#19 — Twisted

This tree once bore many green leaves and provided shaded from the summer sun, however one stormy eve the great oak was stuck by a powerful lightning bolt. The only remaining parts of the tree are a twisted wreck of dead branches that provide the perfect home for passing birds.

#18 — Mossy

A neat little macro shot of some moss growing on a tree stump, with a perfect balance of greens and browns this photograph has a truly earthy feel about it.

#14–488 About

Same old pitlane, and a different Ferrari, this one, in particular, is the new 488 GTB, fresh from the Italian factory this beast was let loose on track.

These were the 1o most popular photographs from my first 30 photos, please follow my Flickr you can see the next 335.

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