Quite the contrary:
Andrea Corinti

I completely agree with what you’re saying, and I would have loved to delve deeper but this was an assignment for uni and my word count was up!

I was referring to other commitments in life besides work with that quote, although maybe I wasn’t completely clear. Being a full-time student myself with a long-term girlfriend and a part-time job (among other commitments) , I feel there are other elements at play that mean I have less time on my hands than somebody from my same background say, twenty years ago (the opportunity for university-level education for myself would probably not have seemed so attainable then).

Social media can definitely be a catalyst for bad as well as good, especially when toxic communities start to form, but my main argument was just against the blanket statement that it’s “for idiots”. Thank you for your rebuttal though, it’s good to discuss.

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