Primary Healthcare Services

Generally, primary healthcare services are offered in the community setting. They are a basic level of health promotion, which also includes prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common health problems. However, in order to be successful, primary care must be coordinated with other sectors of a country’s total development strategy. In addition, primary healthcare needs to be financially sustainable. This is a crucial element in achieving universal health coverage.

Primary healthcare services are important because they are the first contact for patients with a health issue. However, primary healthcare is not a cure. A primary healthcare provider may refer a patient to secondary healthcare services for treatment of a more advanced health issue. A primary healthcare provider may also assist patients in making decisions about their health. These services include family planning, prevention of common health problems, and immunization programs. The services may be provided by a doctor, a nurse, a counselor, or a physician assistant. The provider may also coordinate care with specialists.

Primary healthcare services are mainly provided by health posts in rural areas and solo/group practices in urban areas. A primary care provider often establishes a long-term relationship with patients. The providers have the expertise to assess and manage short-term health issues, as well as provide comprehensive general medical care. The services may include family planning, immunization programs, basic disease screening programs, and promoting proper nutrition.

Primary healthcare services have been established to provide health care services in a more accessible manner. The services are also a reflection of the social and economic conditions of a country. Primary health care is influenced by the basic needs approach to social development. The goals of primary care are health promotion, prevention of common diseases, and control of locally endemic diseases. In addition, primary healthcare services also include education about prevailing health problems.

Primary healthcare services also include treatment for chronic health conditions and mental health. Mental health is often comorbid with a number of physical health conditions. Those with mental health problems may require treatment far from home. A primary healthcare provider can also help a patient manage chronic conditions and provide information about resources available in the community.

Primary healthcare services are also important in the early stages of disease. In order to prevent costly tertiary care in hospitals, primary care should focus on achieving health. In addition, primary healthcare services should be focused on disease prevention, and should include education about prevailing health problems. These services can also help patients find specialists who are able to provide care for more complex diseases.

Primary healthcare services can be a very powerful ally in a person’s pursuit of lifelong health. For example, primary care providers can help patients with common health conditions diagnose illnesses, provide treatment, and assist patients in making healthy decisions. A primary care provider may also work in a community health centre, medical clinic, allied health practice, or physiotherapy practice. These services are also available in the private sector.

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