A new site and identity for Tictrac

What does Tictrac do? Simple, we help people take better care of themselves. That’s our mission. And we’ve got an amazing team and some exciting partners on board to share our journey.

But we’ve been pretty quiet about it. There’s a lot of press about our first product, but hardly anyone knows about how far we’ve come. So today we launched our new site — with a new brand identity — to show the world a bit more of what we do and what we’re trying to achieve.

We work with large health and life insurers and government health systems — organizations that believe in our vision and have access to large groups of people that we can have a meaningful impact on. We believe our products should constantly be evolving, that there is always more to learn from people and that there will always be a better way to solve their problems. It’s our approach, our values, our mission that define us and this is what we want everyone with an interest in Tictrac, current and new, to believe in.

So our new site needs to do more than just sell software and services. We have a story to tell — a story that we know gets people excited. Our new site is an open letter to the innovative insurers and pioneering health systems across the world. It presents our mission and lays bare how we’re going to achieve it.

And we’ve signed it with the Tictrac fingerprint — our new identity — a symbol of uniqueness, personality and security, and our commitment to leave a positive mark on peoples’ lives.

Read it at new.tictrac.com.

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