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GDPR just became 2 years old — a huge milestone.

Moving past the celebrations however, it is necessary for us to recalibrate. As our acceleration towards digitalization increases due to the normalization of remote working and digital payments during the Corona crisis, it is imperative to refocus on ensuring confident data management for the entire EU region. As the European Commission points out “Citizens are more empowered and aware of their (digital) rights.” But when it comes to the application of Blockchain and Digital Identity in data management, what are the challenges and how can they be solved?

One of the major concerns regarding Blockchain and GDPR is the question…

Beyond Facebook’s plans to issue centralized cryptocurrencies, they also aim to create more control with a new standard for digital identities. In this series, we show you what cryptocurrency-promoters need to know in order to protect their digital me.

Libra is more than just digital money.

Bitcoin passed the 13,000$ mark last week, and with that, many analysts saw their expectations fulfilled that the Facebook-coin Libra is going to have a positive impact on the crypto market. …

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We are Blockchain HELIX, a German blockchain technology company. Innovation and creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We are developing Digital Identity services for consumer and business markets, called helix id. Our goal is to become the world’s leading Digital Identity provider.

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Oliver Naegele

Founder of Blockchain HELIX, focused on Digital Identity & Blockchain

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