Parents and the Classroom
Estefani Martinez

Hi Estefani,

You mentioned that without parent-teacher communication it is harder for students to achieve academic success, but why do you think this is? How does a strong partnership among the school and family make a difference? I personally think that developing a strong partnership among the school and family is critical to create a culture of high performance and learning outcomes. When parents and teachers are communicating in meaningful ways, they can act as full partners in making decisions that affect children and families. Moreover, in relation to your response about homework policy, I agree that giving students the least amount of work to take home shows that we are aware of their different circumstances found at home. However, I also find that if teachers and parents have a good communication, the homework policy will vary from child to child. Some parents may want their child to have some work to do at home. While other parents may request no homework at all because they cannot provide support to their child. Either way, I find that communication is key in deciding many of the policies found in the classroom.

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