Personal Ideology
Evelyn Gutierrez

I found myself agreeing with your personal ideology of bilingual instruction, where the role of the teacher and the student are interrelated. I also find great significance in creating this type of classroom through the implementation of the Gradual Release of Responsibility model. This model gives students support and guidance to become active learners who demonstrate their individual learning at the end of a lesson. I personally find that this model serves great value in a bilingual classroom because it considers the different levels of awareness and understanding of not only content, but also of languages that students bring into the classroom. Therefore, I find it important to gradually model and present a task to students so that they come to work together to build on their understanding and be successful when working independently. Small group instruction is also important in my own ideology of bilingual instruction because it differentiates instruction. In this way, students are given equal opportunities to succeed in a diverse learning community.

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