17 A List of Posts

Everybody on Medium knows James Altucher. He seems to be omnipresent. Some days I wonder if Medium was only built as a platform for him to write. Everyone in the circles of Medium must have encountered his 20-Item-Lists to train the idea muscle.

I have done that a few weeks to try it out. I worked to a certain degree. Mostly because of the Meta-Level of making a list of possible list topics. I am toying the idea to do it again. It could help me find ideas for the daily hundred words.

1. Write about the 20 Item Idea Muscle thing (check)
2. Write about the last hike you did
3. The same for a trail run (That would be the first one)
4. Write about the podcast I am listening to
5. Write about alternative history
6. Write about friendship
7. Write about…
… I want still surprise you.