But as Facebook has grown into the global town square, it has had to adapt to its own influence.
Facebook’s Frankenstein Moment
The New York Times

If Facebook is the town square, it should be up to it’s residents to take actions. I mean, at a townsquare, if someone uses hat speech, bullies others, selling scam, it’s up to the residents to react and not to look away saying “the authorities should take actions”. The last thing you should do is informing the authorities, i.e. facebook.

To stretch that picture, I do not want authorities that could prevent upfront every pickpocket or agitator at the town place, the price would be to hight. But I want authorities that take actions and investigations when something happend.

The call for preemtive actions is so loud today, but what about the price for that? There is no total security, but the return for each stricter policy is diminishing.

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