W10.3 An Apple Watch 1

By William Hook at Flickr under CC2.0

I bought an Apple Watch some weeks ago. I fancied one for some time and really like my older Suunto Outdoor watch. It has a so-called smartwatch capability which means, it mirrors notifications to my watch. I like this silent, undisturbing and unintrusive way of notifying me that something needs my attention.

I am very picky about which apps can notify me and how they should do, therefore I really know that when my Suunto indicates a notification I want to grab the phone. But the Suunto is lacking a few things. First is vibration. I could turn on a sound, but that is even more annoying than the iPhone itself. So I have a good chance of missing a notification up to the point I check my watch.

Second, it is not a real smartwatch. It can not do anything besides mirroring notifications. But it is not its job. And third, while most importantly, it lacks elegance. It is a very good and robust tool, but it does not fit my working outfits. It is clunky, used and says “look at me, I came from the mountains”. I am not the type of guy, who wears his outdoor equipment in the office. Not to talk of formal occasions like weddings or funerals.

Therefore I decided to buy an Apple Watch to provide me with a vibrating smartwatch that could be worn to a suit and that has some extras in stock to toy around. I opted for a series one since I have no need for (another) GPS. Obvious, I do not want to track my sports or outdoors with the Apple Watch when I have a superior tool at hand there.

But the watch seems to have a problem with the battery, leading to a second post tomorrow, an encounter with Apple Support and my first appointment at a Genius Bar ever (still to come and maybe a third post).