W11.3 A Checking of Privilege

Courtesy to Quinn Dombrowski and Flickr und CC2.0

Yesterday I had an Interview with Declan Wilson. He wanted to ask me about career, plans for the futures and general work-life stuff. I gladly offered to participate since I like his work and enjoy following him. I was a bit anxious and nervous since I did not know what exactly the interview would turn out. And how my wife would react to another of my crazy notions, speaking with some random stranger over the internet.

Turns out, Declan is a very nice person to talk to and I’d say we had a good chat. He was intrigued to learn I am from Germany. Your interviewed came back to that fact, again and again, spotting out the differences between German and US (white collar) work mentality.

I read a lot about productivity and working on medium and elsewhere and try to apply that to my daily life. That does only work up to a certain point and I was already wondering, whether that is because of my office job and that I am not a self-employed entrepreneur. But after yesterday it dawned on me it could be the different work culture. It seems like we have a more strict separation of work and leisure time.

Declan was astonished that my 35h workweek is still considered a full-time job. To be honest, most Germans would be to, but they would consider it 80%-parttime or something while Declan was more aiming for “that’s a half job, right?” He even considered 40h a week luxury, while that is the most common full-time model in Germany.

I have the privilege to differentiate strictly between an only 35h full-time job and my leisure time with my family. And within this huge, huge heap of spare time, I could work on side projects, hustle, pursuing hobbies, doing sports and live a good life.

That is a real privilege and I am grateful.