W11.5 An Apple Watch 3

Courtesy to William Hook under CC2.0

I owe you an update on my Apple Watch story. As I stated in an early article, the battery is draining too fast. I called Apple Support and they were not able to even pinpoint the problem but admit, that it is a problem and sent me to Genius Bar.

That was my first time at a Genius Bar. I never had any problems with an Apple device, neither user related (I figured them out on my own) nor hardware like. I did crash more than one display, sure, but I have a decent repair shop of choice. I even changed the battery of an iPhone myself. But I always wondered how well trained the Genius Bar people really are and how the Apple Experience would be.

From my call to the hotline and my personal technical expertise I could have told, Genius Bar would not be able to solve the issue. But Apple surprised me more than once on what I thought was possible and what not. But I was disappointed. The genius at the bar ran the same diagnosis tool the hotline genius did, with the same result: the battery is of perfect health. Very positive for his record was, he did not try to optimise my setting but believed me I had done everything reasonable already. And he admitted that the short battery life is a problem.

He suggested turning in my watch into the depot and have them running deep diagnosis. Yesterday I received an email from Apple, that an exchange watch is on its way to me. I hope that solves the battery issue.

Speaking of the Apple Experience, Genius Bar was one of the best, most upbeat, friendly and non-arguing customer support experiences I ever had. I was expecting some well-meant suggestions about how to extend the battery life and me arguing that I already did that. I braised myself for insisting of turning the watch in. I did not need to. As a German in a land of service gap (i.e. Germany) that was truly delightful.

Thank you, Apple.