W13.3 Another Truth about early rising

Courtesy to KateCox under CC.0

Yesterday I wrote about my not so voluntary early rising. There are a few thoughts about that I have not put into that piece. Mostly, because I was already way beyond my 300 words mark, but also because I wrote about the how to come yesterday.

The first thing I want to mention is, it has certain benefits to rise at six. They might not equal out the down sides in the evening, but there is a something with early rising.

It just feels good to be out the house before seven. I wrote yesterday, my commute has extended. But then we moved and now I can walk to work. It is a 20 minutes walk and I really love to do that in the mornings. I can listen to podcasts or music. I see nature in its cycle through the year. I observe the weather, enjoy the fresh air and wonders how long it will be till its dark again in the mornings, or bright, depending on the season.

Next benefit is, that I have the office on my own. I work in an open space office, stretching for maybe 80 meters. I am by no means the first on this floor, but in my direct surroundings, I am. There is no one around for another 10 meters. And that is true for the first one or two hours of the day. I can work on pet projects, deep work on important stuff or occasionally drop out on private stuff. I can read and learn or really get things done before even the first of my office buddies is around.

Then I have a special contract, working 35 hours a week. That is not much, but it is still an average 7h per day. For normal 9–5 that’s exactly 7h plus a lunch break. But since I start early, it is a 7–3 for me. And here is the twist. When I do a 7–5 and load the afternoon with stupid meetings that have to be done anyhow, I can do another day 7–12 and don’t have to do the break. Rising early means, I can carve out complete afternoons, if needed.

I have to confess, I do that now and then, just to play video games in the afternoon.