The #YuCrew!

This round will enable more companies to empower their employees to be healthier and happier in mind and body

I’m delighted for the YuLife team as they announce their $70 million Series B investment and proud that MMC continues to support such a fantastic company 🙂. The business has come a long way since we first invested in 2019 but the mission and vision remains the same, to transform the group life insurance market with a proposition that engages, rewards and protects employees.

We remain excited by the long-term potential of digital assets to reshape the future of finance. As Copper announces ClearLoop, its off exchange settlement offering, I wanted to highlight some of our thinking in making the decision to back the Copper team.

Founded in 2018 by Dmitry Tokarev, Copper has developed a next-gen integrated trading and custody infrastructure. The business has quickly established itself as the go-to provider of safeguarding and trading infrastructure for institutions invested in digital assets.

We continue to spend time with many Blockchain start-ups as part of our ongoing research in the space — we’re a…

As a fund we’re bullish on the transformational impact that AI is having on the Enterprise. Having a high quality, trustworthy data foundation that underpins analytics and AI technologies feels fundamental. This is why we love Snowplow.

Snowplow enables companies to build a high quality customer data set across multiple engagement channels including web, mobile, email, support desk and connected devices. The tech is differentiated by the quality of the data delivered: the accuracy, completeness, richness, granularity and well-defined structure.

As a result, Snowplow data is “business-ready”: analysts and data scientists do not have to spend time cleaning and tidying…

I’m delighted to have invested in TreasurySpring. It’s a business with an incredibly impressive product, a vast market opportunity and a world class team supported by an experienced and relevant group of advisors.

The proposition will resonate with any business sitting on excess cash: lower risk, higher return on your money

TreasurySpring is democratising access to the wholesale, short-term money markets by providing new digital pipelines to connect cash-rich firms to institutional borrowers from the sovereign, bank and corporate sectors. Simply put, clients of TreasurySpring are able to reduce their exposure to retail banks and generate higher returns on their…

I’m delighted to be backing the yulife team on their journey to bring life insurance that promotes health and happiness to a workspace near you.

The land mammal with the largest heart

yulife has a purpose-led founding team who share a passion for wellbeing and the need for companies to do more to help encourage active lifestyles and mental health. …

Oliver Richards

Early stage VC Investor I Partner @ MMC I Investing in transformative tech across #FinTech, #AI, #SaaS

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