Healthcare professionals must follow confidentiality ethics in healthcare using four principles as explained by Oliver Oyakhire

Patients count on healthcare professionals to keep their information private and secure. Typically, patient information may not be disclosed without the approval of the patient. However, some situations will call for a break in a confidentiality agreement. Oliver Oyakhire covers three principles of medical ethics that aid in making the decision.


All patient-doctor relationships are built on trust. If a doctor or healthcare provider breaks a confidentiality agreement without the patient’s consent, it can cause long-term negative consequences to the patient.

Students and new physicians often struggle with breaking bad news to patients; Oliver Oyakhire shares helpful tips.

Breaking bad news to patients is one of the most challenging aspects of pursuing a career in the medical field. Physicians must practice using empathy and clarity in combination with a variety of other communication skills for the best interest of the patient. Oliver Oyakhire, explains that poor delivery of bad news can result in a loss of trust, respect, and connection with the physician.

Some argue that breaking bad news is an innate skill; others say that these communication skills can be…

Oliver Oyakhire, a Florida native, received his Bachelor’s of Engineering in Architecture at The University of Florida. He then moved to Charlotte, NC where he received his Masters, certification and license. Since then Oliver Oyakhire has moved back to Florida where he is known for his creative vision and dedication to safety and aesthetics throughout his building designs. His designs utilize the maximum amount of space, taking into account the placement of the sun for the bright appeal and also decreasing energy consumption. He has worked for the same firm since moving back to Florida. He has recently been promoted…

Oliver Oyakhire

Oliver Oyakhire is an experienced and admired architect in Florida that delivers superior quality solutions to Commercial, Public and Residential properties.

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