Annual Review for the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Oliver Quinlan
Mar 7, 2017 · 1 min read

I’ve just published the annual review for the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It’s a report on everything the team have achieved in 2016, from inventing new computers to helping children to learn to code.

When I started at the Raspberry Pi Foundation just over a year ago I was immediately asked to put together the 2015 annual review. For someone whose remit involves working right across the organisation it was a great first project. Not everyone realises how much the Foundation does beyond inventing computers for people to learn with, there are all sorts of education am programmes going on including training teachers, creating projects for children to make, supporting Code Clubs, publishing magazines and books, and supporting the community of makers of all ages.

Last year I found out about all the work everyone had been doing. This year I have been a part of much of it and I’m proud to be able to share and celebrate it all in this publication. Download it below.

Raspberry Pi Foundation Annual Review 2016

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