EOS Knights Beta: Review, Guide & Tips

Oliver Schmid
Oct 13, 2018 · 6 min read

EOS Knights has been casting a spell over me for several days now. On the EOS Blockchain EOS Knights is currently the hype no 1 and rightly so. EOS Knights looks incredibly good and is still a lot of fun even after a few days. I play very actively and give you 5 important tips in this review, which I would have liked to have at the beginning.

The positive side effect of EOS Knight is that I’ve already earned about 15 EOS. I have only invested 0.6 EOS so far and the really rare items are just beginning to drop. That’s not even much if you take a close look at the top 200, the top 1 player has earned 460 EOS!

What do you need to play EOS Knights? You need an EOS account and Scatter to play EOS Knights. Since the app is not in the IOS App Store yet, I play with the Chrome Browser. That works quite well. If you are using an Android device, you can already find the app in the Google Play Store. You get all links at the end of the article.

EOS Knights Pets

Pets are important companions of your three heroes. Each hero can carry one pet. Each pet has a different focus on the stats — hp, attack, luck, defense. There are currently 24 pets. 8 normal, 8 rare, 4 unique and 4 legendaries pets.

On the screenshot on above you can see my legendary pet “Rex”. Of course you primarily want legendary pets, because they have much better stats. Pets can unfortunately not be traded on the marketplace. To get a pet you have to adopt one. It’s worth it, because pets are powerful allies who boost the stats properly. Pets can be quite expensive, though, if you’re not lucky.

To adopt pets you need a lot of magic water, as you can see on the screenshot (below).

At the beginning of the game you will get 2,100 magic water credited to your account.

You should invest this 2,100 first in pets and hope for your luck, because the drop rate for the legendary pets is really extremely low. Normal pets have a drop rate of 87% and legendary pets have a drop rate of only 0.068%! So you are very lucky if you get a legendary pet. But you need one. You will quickly notice that you are always lacking in magic water. You also need magic water to level your hero. For level 9, for example, I needed 1,000 magic water today.

5 tips to get magic water:

  • Buy: You can buy Magic Water, that’s very expensive, though.
  • Expeditions: You can send your pets on expeditions and farm magic water and items as well.
  • Leveling: You will always get small amounts of magic water while leveling.
  • You can start by spamming the rebirth button.
  • Referral Bonus: Simply click on “Setting”, then “Referral Bonus” and enter “oliverschmid” (my name) in the field. We will both immediately receive 1,000 free magic water.

EOS Knights Tips

There are three classes, Knight (Eric), Archer (Oria) and Mage (Scarllet). It’s best to buy all three classes right at the start. That will be your only investment — that’s a promise! If you can’t afford it at all, then start with the Knight. My three heroes now have level 9, which took me about 3 days. You can see my three heroes on the screenshot below.

At the beginning you should focus on Attack. Then you take care of HP. Defence works in principle just like HP, but for some reason HP works much better. So you may want to to build attack first, then HP, then a bit of defense when HP is high already. If you don’t trust me, let you check the leaderboards.

On the next screenshot below you can see my level 9 archer (Oria). To the right of Oria the pet and below the weapon, the armor and the accessory.

Although Oria level 9, I’m fighting with a level 7 crossbow. However, the weapon is at maximum level (Max level 5) and 85%. This is an extremely powerful crossbow that will carry me up to level 11. This crossbow with exactly these stats is mid range valuable and costs 1 EOS.

The higher your level the rarer are the items that are dropped. The rarer the item, the more EOS you get for it. So the second tip is to spam the rebirth button at the beginning to farm magic water. Collect the magic water you received and sell all the items, because the items you get at the beginning are worthless anyway. To save CPU, you should wait until your stock is full and then sell all items at once. In the next step you should fight at least up to floor 40, because there are rare items. I’ve been fighting since today until floor 150.

An important tip is: look for bargains weapons at the marketplace. There are always cheap weapons with 80–100% in the marketplace. Buy level 3–5 (5 is max) and not below 80%! Either the players don’t know what these weapons are worth, or they urgently need money. So always check the market for bargains! You’ll find them all the time. A part of my earnings I have simply made by buying weapons cheaply and then selling them more expensive again.

On the screenshot above you can see the most expensive sword on the EOS Knights marketplace currently. Unfortunately this is not my sword yet and this is of course not a bargain. This shows very good what is going on at EOS Knights right now. EOS Knights is crazy! Of course there are different strategies and opinions, but in my opinion crafting is not worthwhile if you want to level as fast as possible with as little EOS as possible. There are already thousands of players and therefore always cheap weapons. This is much cheaper than crafting and synthesizing the weapons yourself. At least up-to-date.

Use “Referral Bonus” for 1,000 free Magic Water. Simply click on “Setting”, then “Referral Bonus” and enter “oliverschmid” (my name) in the field. We will both immediately receive 1,000 free magic water.

EOS Knights Links

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