The last rock concert I was at was the AC/DC Back in Black tour in Minneapolis.
Gerard Mclean

An’ those fuckers are only “possibly” relevant, since they’re still flogging the same old act.

Weird how that works.

That’s not a counter-argument about whether they’re relevant. It’s more a musing point, because one of the major ironies of some of the “relevant” bands is that they ushered in their own obsolescence, in a sense. In a real way, The Ramones had a young person’s sound. They were a young person’s band. And they toured for, what, twenty-five years, doing exactly the same thing — EXACTLY the same thing, in a robotic repetition — for the whole time. The times changed, but they didn’t. And that’s weird.

AC/DC is sort of like that, except they’ve always been a little more transcendent anyway. They cross more generational boundaries than The Ramones do, in a sense.

Yeah…I don’t have a point exactly either. Jus’ musing.

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