My Sudden Epiphany About Meetings
elizabeth tobey

Best of luck to youse. I’d work for you, with a philosophy like that. Sitting in four hour meetings that just feel like a break from getting real work done is certainly one way to run a company, but it doesn’t, to me, feel like the way to run a sustainable company that will continue to be competitive in the real world in a real way. I foresee execs with philosophies like yours leading companies to greater productivity than corporations of yesteryear will have till some revolutions happen.

Don’t get me wrong: I like my job okay. I mean, I’m a creative writing major with business leanings and public speaking skills who’s working as a research assistant in an underwriting department…so, like, that’s a squarish hole that starry-shaped me finds a little hard to clatter around in sometimes. But my coworkers are pleasant people, so it works out most days.

Anyhow, I have hope for a future with execs with thoughts like yours.

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